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Cricket skipper sees quality players in national team squad

NATIONAL Cricket Team skipper, Abhik Patwa has expressed his satisfaction with the quality of the national team squad as they have been following their head coach’s instructions closely at home.

The head coach, Steve Tikolo, provided the trainings for his players to help keep the integrity of his players during the outbreak of Corona Virus after the government had suspended sports and all kinds of gatherings in the country.

“Unfortunately, every sportsmen, every human being had to go through this phase and it is all about the mindset how you take it, the mindset of the boys has been very much positive they have been optimistic during the fear and keeping themselves fit.”

“Our coach had given us the trainings to do at home, the boys have been very optimistic and have been keeping safe and thanks that none of us have been affected due to this corona virus but the boys have taken this situation very optimistic and they are looking forward to the re-opening of the games and going back to the camp.”

The skipper has also expressed how delighted he is, for the President’s promising to restore sports after seeing the decrease in number of coronavirus victims.

“The news has been a relief to me in fact personally by just being sad we have just gone through this pandemic and I hope that it ends soon and get the vaccine in.”

“But personally I am a sports man, I want to get back to the field... it has been very good to get the news that the President has allowed sports activities to resume and we shall be playing soon.”

Expressing his excitement on the President’s statement, he also showered praise to his head coach who has been a core to the development of his squad.

“Personally, I can not even express how exciting it is to have Steve on board, we have had coaches previously as well, but they have been here for a short period of time. but Steve is apparently here for two years, the boys and I are very excited in fact it has added up the mood, in the camp the mood is so high.”

“Everyone is so excited; everyone wants to play and wants to deliver by 100 per cent because Steve is there. It is not only Steve as Steve by the history and experience he has.”

He went further as he explained his experience with Coach Tikolo for the few months he had trained with and the past 10 years he has been involved with the National team.

“It is just exciting, we are all eager to learn from his experience as we had a camp of more than 30 players initially, I have played for more than 10 years, specifically in Tanzania and I have never seen so much serious as excitement as in the last three months Muhimbili Academy has never been so filled before. It just says, men can make a lot of difference that says a lot about Steve.”

He lastly issued his remarks to the Tanzania Cricket Association, acknowledging the contribution that the association has in the development of cricket activities in the country but urged them to set long term goals.

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