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OUTSO to research on Coronavirus cure, vaccine

FOLLOWING the government’s decision to reopen Colleges on 1st June, 2020, the Open University of Tanzania Students Organisation (OUTSO) is now set to research on Covid-19 cure and vaccine.

“Already students have written various proposals, which are pending their supervisors’ approvals,” said OUTSO president, Mr Felix Lugeiyamu, while briefing media practitioners in Dar es Salaam, recently.

He said that as they wait for the approval, the institution consulting other Universities to partner in the research activities for a quick solution to the disease.

“We really appreciate the government’s decision to reopen the colleges. This is the time, we have been eagerly longing for so that we pull together resources to fight the pandemic through research,” he added.

Mr Lugeiyamu further said: “We believe in teamwork spirit, given the fact that history shows that similar problems have existed in the past and had solutions, hence, we must also get a possible solution to this coronavirus.”

However, he urged the public to continue prioritising prayers and observe health experts’ pieces of advice, as academicians and scientists continue to battle the scourge.

“As emphasis has been put in traditional medicine, let Tanzanians apply this natural technology, and if possible abandon modern lifestyles lets go back to our traditional way of life, including eating natural foodstuffs as local experts have been regularly advising,” he pointed out.

On 21st this month, President John Magufuli directed that Colleges and Form Six students resume studies from as from next Monday, after the government temporarily closed them down to limit spread of Coronavirus in public places and gatherings.

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