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Premier League is back, play it safe

SAFETY of players and other stakeholders must be foolproof when re-starting the Mainland Premier League early next month.

The confirmed return of the Mainland Premier League, First Division League and Second Division League has been good news to all of us since it brings back the kind of entertainment we have all missed for about ten weeks now.

Though it will be played behind closed doors (without fans or supporters), this alone can’t guarantee safety of players and officials, therefore we insist the parties involved, players and officials to strictly observe preventive measures as directed by the government and the health experts.

We are obliged to caution sports personalities to be fully alert during their matches and after playing, since the decrease in number of covid-19 victims doesn’t mean its threat is over.

Sports personalities have so far been deeply affected after missing countless events during the hiatus, most notably the Premier League.

We would like to see the return of the league being conducted in the way we have been doing since March 17th this year, by ensuring safety of players and audience by telling them to stay at their homes and watch the match via television coverage.

We insist on proper application of the safety and preventive measures since the government and sports organisers’ decision to plan a safe return of the league should continue to serve its purpose.

Put into consideration that avoiding huge gatherings was wisely decided because huge gatherings of people can put many people at Covid-19 risk.

We salute all sports bodies engaged in one way or another in the fight against Covid-19 and the return of the league.

We salute all who have shown us good approaches in the fight as most decisions were decided after the organisers held a meeting with officials of the clubs and together they agreed it was not safe to stage any tournament at this time.

We end up thanking the government and sports bodies for realising the danger of the COVID-19 and for joining a campaign to fight the further spread of deadly virus.

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