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Number of foreign players’ policy in offing

THE government has thanked sports stakeholders in the country for contributing their views on the number of foreign players to be signed by a domestic club, saying it will soon come up with a guiding policy.

This was said recently by the Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Harrison Mwakyembe, who said that they have received the suggestions and are working on them.

“It should be known that sports are also guided by government policies that is why anything which happens in this sector should be blessed by the state before being implemented.

“Upon seeing how crucial the issue of signing foreign based players is, we decided to create a platform for people to debate and make their opinions recorded by the National Sports Council (NSC) and thereafter, we should create a policy concerning the subject,” he said.

He added: “We are not against the importation of for- eign players but our concern is their abilities.

It happens that a player is brought from outside the country, but he has never played in the top flight league and national team in his native.

“By allowing that to hap- pen, we simply deprive the op- portunity for our talented players to shine due to the shadow of a foreign player,” Mwakyembe said.

In another development, Director of Sports in the Ministry for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Y usuph Dingo said soon, they will release guidelines to govern all sports activities upon their resump- tion from June 1st this year.

“The proposal has already been completed such that we are waiting for health experts to pass through it before we finally made it available to the public,” he said.

President John Magufuli picked June 1st this year as the official date to resume all sports activities in the country, saying by embracing sports, it helps to fight Covid-19 pandemic.

“From the trend I have seen, roughly, I am not sure if the country registered any death of a sport person due to Covid-19 simply because by performing sport activities, it really helps to fight the coronavirus.

“As a result of this, I de- clare June 1st as the date to restart all the sport events including the Mainland Premier League, First Division League (FDL), Second Division League (SDL), Military sports and others so that people can partake them basing on their preferences,” Magufuli said.

He then insisted that there should not be limitations in letting sport events resume say- ing even comedy should be entertained from the mentioned date.

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