Uganda starts lifting coronavirus restrictions

Uganda starts lifting coronavirus restrictions

Uganda is to begin easing lockdown restrictions on Tuesday with private cars expected back on roads and shops and restaurants reopening in many areas.

But everyone must continue to wear face masks in public, President Yoweri Museveni is quoted as saying by the Daily Monitor newspaper.

Last week he delayed the easing of restrictions to give people time to acquire face masks.

He also said the government would distribute free masks to all citizens aged over six.

The president's senior press secretary, Don Wanyama, has however called for caution as the country slowly reopens.

In a tweet he reminded people to maintain social distancing and pointed out that new Covid-19 cases are still being reported:


As you prepare to enjoy "freedom" tomorrow, be notified that 10 new cases have been confirmed today. Nine of these at the border points, the 10th a contact to a truck driver. Country's total now at 222. Please keep social distance and wear a mask as you go out.


Transport restrictions will only be eased in 95 out of 135 districts, with 40 border districts still under lockdown.

Gyms and night clubs remain closed. Public transport restrictions will be eased on 4 June.


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