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Tarura urged to implement projects that are pro-people

CHALINZE MP in Coast Region, Ridhiwani Kikwete has urged Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (Tarura) in the district to implement projects which reflect community needs.

Mr Kikwete was talking during a councillors’ meeting held at Lugoba Secondary School at the weekend and was attended by Deputy Minister for Energy, Subira Mgalu, district’s authorities and officials from various government institutions.

“I strongly remind you (Tarura) to involve councillors before initiating any of your projects. From now on you must start working in places with high priority so that you can meet the needs of the residence instead of directing your attention to the same places all the time,” he said.

The MP noted that as a result of the long rain season, most of the roads in the constituent have been damaged and become impassable, giving an example of Kwaruhombo-Kwamduma Road which he said needed urgent maintenance.

Earlier, Tarura Manager in Chalinze District Henrico Shauri told the meeting that they had failed to accomplish the projects on time due to a shortage of funds.

He also mentioned that for the fiscal year 2020/21 the government had released 774m/-to be used by Tarura in various projects in the district. The district has 680km roads under Tarura.

For their part, councillors led by deputy council chairman Juma Mpwibwi, who is a Miono councillor, insisted that the roads in their areas were in bad shape, making it impossible for farmers to transport their produce to markets.

“We ask for immediate action to repair these roads and enable the farmers to take their crops where they want for selling and earn money,” Mr Mpwibwi said.

ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Mwinyi ...

Author: HARRIET KIAMA in Kibaha

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