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Minister urges use of gold processing tech

THE Minister of State in the Vice-President’s Office (Union and Environment) Mussa Azzan Zungu yesterday here called on Barrick North Mara gold mine to use CIP gold processing technology to protect Tanzania’s environment and reduce its own costs on protecting the mine’s environment.

The minister told his audience that it was pertinent for all gold mines in Tanzania to adopt the technology for its proven usefulness, worth and convenience in treating toxic sludge.

“It is important to use this technology in treating the toxic sludge because of its intrinsic horrifying hazards once seepage from the sludge enters water sources, especially rivers. Contaminated water bodies would pose terrible health consequences to people would use that water,” the minister explained adding: “We have satisfied ourselves that waste water here is safe and we shall maintain our regular inspections,” Mr Zungu said the government welcomes investors but, he added, investment must conform to the law.

Mr Zungu was accompanied by Minister for Minerals, Mr Dotto Biteko, Deputy Minister for Land, Housing and Human Settlement Development, Angeline Mabula, NEMC Board Chairman, Prof Esnati Chaggu and NEMC officials.

Mr Zungu said ministers would listen to people complaints or grievances if any.

Minister Biteko presented a cheque for 34bn/-and said the money would be used to compensate Nyamongo residents.

“This money will be used to compensate eligible Nyamongo residents to end friction between the residents and Barrick company. After compensation the government will not tolerate individuals who will instigate Nyamongo resident to have sour relations between them and the company,” he warned.

Ms Mabula called on people to respect the law governing urban development and avoid building houses without approval of district councils. Proven violators of the law would be losers, she cautioned.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Mara

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