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State: Fish packages must bear Tanzania labels

DEPUTY Minister for Industry and Trade Eng Stella Manyanya has directed all fish processing industries in the country to ensure all fish packages are labelled with the Tanzania mark before they are shipped out of the country.

The directives come a day after the first cargo flight for fish fillets by Ethiopian airlines left Mwanza Airport.

Speaking during her tour at Tanzania Fish Processors Ltd factory in Mwanza, she said the fifth phase government had taken all measures to improve industries in the country, in particular fish industries that have a large market in different countries around the world.

“The government is committed to ensuring that it improves the fishing industry because it is an important sector in facilitating economic growth; We will also establish research institutions in Lake Victoria and fish markets aimed at stimulating this sector. In line with the procedure, we will have hold regular meetings between the government and fish business associations, to assist in resolving various concerns hampering traders,” she said.

Earlier, Director for human resources of the factory, Mr Goodfray Samuel, expressed gratitude to President John Magufuli for having the vision to make Tanzania an industrialised nation and his effort to continue crafting policies aimed at reviving industries.

Mr Goodfray has described some of the challenges they face as illegal fishing which eliminates the best part of the fish stocks, fewer cold rooms, unsustainable fishing and pollution that causes the amount of fish and income to decrease.

He said another challenge was some buyers in Europe opting for other buyers as they want large fillet.

He also touched on challenges of transport that the government has begun to solve it by allowing Ethiopian Airlines to commence carrying cargo.

On Friday, Deputy Minister for Works, Transport and Communications Eng Atashasta Nditiye, when witnessing the first cargo flight of fish fillets by Ethiopian airlines from Mwanza Airport assured fish traders in Mwanza that the government would continue to strengthen the infrastructures and improve the aviation sector to simplify the transport of passengers and their cargo within and outside the country.

“I would like to assure traders that the building for storing goods exists and is of a high standard, freight transport also exists as well as the markets; Hence it is for you to grab this opportunity,” he said.

Author: SUNDAY NEWS Reporter

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