People thank God on Covid-19

CHRISTIANS yesterday joined their fellow Muslim compatriots in holding thanksgiving prayers to God for responding to Tanzanians’ plea on Covid-19 pandemic as the trend is now on a steady decline.

Muslims on Friday opened the curtain of thanksgiving prayers in response to President John Magufuli’s call to Tanzanians to dedicate three days with effect from Friday to today (Sunday) to thank the Almighty God for the relief He accorded to the country.

Seventh Day Adventist Church for Magomeni Parish, Pastor Baraka Butoke said Tanzanians must thank God for what He did to them, given the fact that some countries suffered severely as a result of the effect of Covid- 19.

“The death of one person brings tremendous grief to the community. But to be frank, God has responded and helped us more than we and even health experts outside Tanzania expected,” Pastor Butoke said, adding: “Health experts in foreign countries had predicted that African countries would be hit hard by the pandemic but the situation in our country has turned out to be untrue.”

He said the fear that foreign health experts imposed to Tanzania has not been seen. “We have to thank God”.

Leading the service, Pastor Butoke said yesterday’s mass fell within the three national thanksgiving days that President Magufuli asked believers in the country to devote on holding the prayers.

"...In doing so as a Church we will not follow what the people of the nations are doing; We will continue to protect ourselves and others by following directives issued by health experts such as wearing masks and washing hands," preached Pastor Butoke.

He insisted that while the world shows their gratitude by throwing parties and celebration, the church had a better way of expressing gratitude to God which includes praising God and giving offerings, especially by touching the lives of those in need.

President Magufuli last Sunday told the nation that Covid-19 cases were on the decline, a situation that prompted him to reopen colleges on June1.

Despite taking all the necessary precautionary measures against the disease, Tanzania also depended on Almighty God’s power in healing the nation.

PRESIDENT John Magufuli has outlined his government’s achievements ...


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