Zanzibar women football needs push to advance - Warda

WOMEN football needs serious push to enable it advance to the level of other East African countries as advised by Women Fighter player Warda Khalid Abdallah.

Speaking here yesterday, the player said women football fails to develop to the level of the men’s discipline due to the wrong notation that football is solely a men’s sports.

“It is a time now to end up this inferiority complex and gender difference as it has been proved that women can play football like men and enjoy it as well,” she said.

Adding she said a woman can play train and play football while strictly observing cultural or religious ethics of the area or a country she resides.

Adding, she said there have been some who give bad names to women who engage in football a situation that scares the young women from playing it.

Warda called upon young women in both Zanzibar and Pemba to ignore the bad names and start playing football and they will benefit much from it.

She said she received similar challenges when she started playing football, she didn’t give up and continued strongly and at the end she has succeeded.

“Most of successful players have faced similar challenges in Zanzibar and outside the Isles. They have now advanced after defying the odds,” she said.

Wards urged parents in Zanzibar to allow their both girls and boys into sporting fields.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Zanzibar

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