Olympian Nyambui commends JPM’s sportsmanship

OLYMPIAN Suleiman Nyambui has lauded President John Magufuli’s decision to let sports resume on June 1st this year, after almost a 10- week hiatus.

Nyambui, one of the only two Tanzanians with Olympic medals, is among the best athletics coaches Tanzania has ever produced.

Sports activities have been suspended countrywide since mid-March this year due to coronavirus pandemic that also caused a significant disruption of the global sporting calendar.

Early this week President Magufuli publicly announced to bring back sports activities, a move that received a warm welcome from sports fraternity in and outside the country.

One of them is Olympian and long distance hero Suleiman Nyambui, currently coaching Brunei national athletics team. Nyambui lauded JPM’s move, saying it is highly commendable.

President Magufuli has picked June 1st this year as an official date to resume sports activities in the country after seeing the decrease in number of Covid-19 cases in the country.

Speaking from Brunei yesterday Nyambui commended President for his decision to bring back sports. Nyambui said it is a wise idea as coronavirus is like any other decease, which Tanzanians have faced.

“I complement the decision, I understand President, I know he understands the importance of sports and it is necessary to allow sports men and women to continue practicing the same,” said Nyambui.

Nyambui, who is a track events specialist, did well in 5000m, 10,000m races during his career peak in 1970s and 1980s. He won a bronze medal at the 1978 All-Africa Games and the silver medal in 5,000m during the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, Russia.

Nyambui was hired by the government of Brunei through the country National Athletics Federation (BDAF) as middle and long distance races coach and has been there since June 2015.

Last year he landed a two-year extension of his contract that ends in 2021, among others he also trains school teachers in the Asian country.

The El Paso University alumni, Nyambui said his job as Brunei team coach has been very rewarding to the Asian nation as of today the country’s performance in athletics has improved very much and soon it will be among the athletics giants in Asia.

Nyambui, who also advises Brunei Minister for Sports two times a month on athletics issues, said he is delighted with what he has achieved so far as most for young athletes have become inspired to run.

Never the less, Nyambui admits that Tanzanians are naturally talented athletes compared to Brunei, but lack exposure and necessary equipment make them fail to achieve much in the field.

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