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Minister: State advances 476 factories to create more jobs

THE Minister for Industry and Trade, Innocent Bashungwa, yesterday announced that there are 476 small scale industries in Mpanda Municipality, which the government is improving to raise economy and create jobs to the locals.

In his written response to the Special Seats legislator Rhoda Kunchela (CCM), the minister said the ministry is further expanding and working on several strategies to help industries.

“We have surveyed, mapped and allocated 30 acres of land in Misunkumilo Ward. This piece of land has all the necessary infrastructures, water, electricity, latrine and security ...and by March 2020, a total of 42 small factories had been established and offer 200 local jobs,” he said.

Mr Bashungwa noted that the ministry has also been strengthening public awareness through trainings on agro-processing in efforts to add value to produces.

Initially, Ms Kunchela had in her principle question enquired for a clarification on the government’s strategies in supporting local small scale industries to create employment and boost economic growth in Mpanda Municipality.

“Mpadeco is a sunflower factory in Mpanda, but recently it has failed to create more jobs,” she said, asking that the government explains strategies it has in place to support such factories.

In response, the Minister pointed out that the government allocated 50m/- in 2020/21 fiscal year specifically to purchase machines and renovate the Mpadeco factory, adding: “After repair of the factory, it will be able to create more jobs and offer a market for sunflower farmers.”

The minister further said the government was also supporting local small scale factories with friendly technologies to maximize their productions especially in agricultural crops like sunflower, sesame, honey, groundnuts and paddy.

Equally, Mr Bashungwa said authorities are also identifying new small and macro factories, which will be able to produce high-quality products.

“We’re licensing this factory, providing them with specific guidance in running industries,” he added.

In addition to soft loans, the government said it has also built sufficient road networks, which help farmers and factories to have access to the markets.

THE government is focused ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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