President deserves utmost respect

DR John Pombe Magufuli is the President of the United Republic of Tanzania. He is the Head of State and head of the Government.

He leads the ex ecutive branch of the State pillars and the commander- in-chief of the Armed Forces.

Besides, he is the living symbol of the nation. Much as he was chosen by the majority of Tanzanians in an election deemed free and fair by both local observers and the international community, he deserves our utmost respect irrespective of political and religious affiliations.

We are very much aware that Tanzania’s presidency is a product of politics and as the country edges closer to the general election penciled for October this year; politicians are doing all within their powers to gain admiration.

This has never been a bad move as long as we tak e two things into consideration --peaceful co-exi stence and unity in diversity.

As Tanzania is a constitutional state, it is not illegal to disagree with the president on a number of issues; however those who are opposed to his ideologies and policies should advance their criticism in a more civilized manner.

In addition, if President Magufuli’s critics think that they’re going to win a race to the bottom with him, that they can freely insult, rebuk e and offend him --they’re wrong.

It is high time their accounts focused on the integrity, dignity and decency to the president.

It is very unfortunate that we’re caught in a downhill spiral of antipathy and enmity calculatingly coordinated by opposition leaders.

We call upon members of the public especially those who oppose Mr President to stop acting in ways that gratuitously create hostility and unfounded friction.

We must refrain from criticisms that are injurious to our political culture.

The point must be made, that from the look of things some individuals want to tak e party politics to the level that is not exp ected of us as Tanzanians --we are not ready to see this happening.

We commend speaker of the National Assembly Job Ndugai for condemning Chadema national chairman Freeman Mbowe’s discourteous behaviour towards the president.

Mr Ndugai exp ressed dismay over the Chadema national chairman Mbowe’s ill-bred attitude and strongly implored him to stop acting mischievously and insolently against the Head of State.

Mbowe’s unpremeditated speech in response to President Magufuli’s national address on his government measures to contain the novel coronavirus pandemic and its impact was uncalled-for and should be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

IT is a highly commendable return of live ...

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    Mbowe's unpremeditated speech?! We're back to the old undemocratic days of "zidumu fikra za mwenyekiti". Well I don't wonder realizing that this is State's media, but I am sad that you don't have options, but to praise and praise and praise.

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