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Use legal ways to register complaints

TENDERERS in the public institutions are called to use legal ways to lodge legal complaints to the Public Procurement Appeals Authority (PPPA) in case of dissatisfaction of the tendering process.

The call was made by PPAA Deputy Executive secretary Ms Florida Mapunda, when speaking with the ‘Daily News’ on the role progress and status of settling procurement appeal amongst bidders and public entities floating tenders.

“PPAA has for example heard and judged not less than 50 bidding appeals complaints in the financial year 2018/19.

However, some bidders unsatisfied with tender awarded to other competitor chose to remain silent than seeking legal intervention,” Mapunda said.

She added that ignorance of the rights and legal process among bidders were that major reasons for silence, which apart from being of detrimental effects to the economy, it also causes delivery of substandard projects meant to benefit the public.

“Fear of losing next bid in the tendering process is also another reason for bidders not to take step to seek for appeals.

This is not good for the general public who expect to get good and quality services implemented by relevant public entities through private tenderers,” added the Deputy Executive Secretary.

According to her, using legal ways of ensuring the tendering process are observed, was a good way of promoting good governance for if public entities embraces fairness in awarding tenders, qualified bidder will win and implement tenders, which will in turn give value for money to the government in implemented projects.

Ms Mapunda also reminded bidders that all open tendering process were subjected to openness of the whole process from the time of floating, presenting and awarding tenders and that PPAA was a free and fair authority in processing judgment.

“Let me make it clear here that PPAA is hearing appeals free from interruption.

Not external power can affect its decisions; therefore, bidders are to rely on this authority in finding fairness when competing for tenders.


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