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TRA destroys substandard goods in Musoma

THE Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), in Mara Region has destroyed various products worth over 292.3m/-, some of them not fit for human consumption, according to the Regional TRA Manager Mr Wallace Mnkande.

The products were impounded last year by TRA after they were smuggled into the country through informal routes.

The products include medicine, maize, salt, banned fishing gear and plastics bags. Mr Mnkande led the exercise to burn the products at a suitable location selected by environmentalists in Musoma Municipality on Friday.

Prior to destroying the products, he said all other responsible government institutions like Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) were involved. 

"The products like medicines are not fit for human consumption and we have a permission from all responsible government institutions to set them ablaze", Mr Mnakande said as he was leading the exercise .

The banned fishing gear, he said could have also threatened fish stock in Lake Victoria, thus frustrate efforts by the government to tame illegal fishing. He urged traders using Sirari border to stop smuggling business.

"It is so nice to import products but traders have to follow the laid down procedures and meet the standards", the regional TRA chief said.

He said TRA donated some products that were found fit for human consumption to various institutions including schools organizations taking care of needy people last year.

Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), Manager in Mara Region, Mr Wallace Mnkande leads an exercise on Friday to burn various products smuggled into the country. Some of the products including medicine are not fit for human consumption.

Author: MUGINI JACOB in Mara

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