Water supply broadened, Aweso briefs Parliament

THE government has supplied water to more villages in Lushoto District, Tanga Region and mid-term plans are being implemented to expedite water supply in the district, the House was told on Wednesday.

Deputy Water Minister,  Jumaa Aweso told the National Assembly here that the government had completed water projects in Mlali, Mwangoi, Lwandai, Malibwi and Ngulu and residents had started accessing the precious liquid.

Mr Aweso said similar plans were in the offing for Kwai Ward. "Kwai and Makanya wards will be part of the large water project that would supply water to 16 villages".

"A feasibility study has so far been commissioned and the implementation is slated for the forthcoming financial year," he said.

The deputy minister was responding to Lushoto MP Shabani Shekilindi, who wanted to know the government's timeframe for  completing water projects in Kwai, Kilole, Kwekanga and Makanya wards in his area.

The deputy  minister said the government's plan was to ensure that it increased access to clean and safe water, especially in rural communities. In this regard, he said, more villages in Lushoto would now have access to the precious liquid.

He further explained that Kilole, Kwekanga and Makanya wards would also benefit from a 57m/-fund allocated by the Ministry of Water to revive dormant boreholes in the area.

"This project will be implemented under the payment by results strategy and all the needed equipments have been procured," he said. The project will be completed this month, according to the deputy minister.

During the financial year 2019/20,  the government allocated 1.18bn/-for mainly tackling  water shortage in Lushoto District.

The fund  will benefit 48,781 people in Shume, Manolo, Madala, Gologolo, and Ngwelo villages.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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