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TCA unveils bid to put cricket to next level

TANZANIA Cricket Association (TCA) has now taken a step further in promoting cricket activities in the country after launching a centralized point of data with all cricket activities nationwide.

It was last Wednesday a new App was introduced “Tanzania Cricket“ with aims to benefit all stakeholders and those with interest of cricket.

TCA communication officer, Atif Salim confirmed to “The Daily News“ that the App will be available to both with Android and iOS with information about all junior, development, women, senior and international games of Tanzania. It expects to be a news forum for communication with Media, players, stakeholders and clubs.

He added that the App is expected to monitor development of players through reports of their individual performance.

“It will help maintain individual statistics of players as well as profiles.  Mainly for the development kids as it will be easier to monitor the progress of kids through performance charts.”

Apart from the assessments it broadcast a live streaming of cricket games. To keep updated all stakeholders of cricket.

The action TCA have taken is a huge step, as the decision to have the App will help players and fans to have a better understand of the game and build audience with awareness, as also the App will become a good test and opportunity for players who want to play international cricket as those team interested with the player will have platform to refer.

Domestic cricket venues' renovation has turned to be a foremost task the Tanzania Cricket Association (TCA)'s new leadership has set out to accomplish.

Atif Salim, TCA information officer, noted Annadil Burhani and University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), venues will as well have their wickets renovated in the next few weeks.

He was one of TCA officials who graced the presentation ceremony of a practice tournament, organised by Lions Cricket Club, at Leaders Club recently.

Four squads took part in the day-long event, with TCA chairman Premji Pindoria, as the ceremony’s guest of honour.

Pindoria, added: "Though the work is going to start next week (this week), we have planned to first start the upgrading of the DGC pitches and installation of a new wicket at Leaders Club.”

“The project will then will follow up with upgrading of the wickets at Annadil Burhani and UDSM. We don't want cricket to stop entirely."

"This will improve the standard of pitches and venues in general, hence, vastly improve cricket playing conditions domestically," Salim noted.

The official pointed out they have hired services of Kenya’s veteran ground curator, Komo, who is known for producing many high standard wickets in the country.

He disclosed Komo was accompanied by coach Hamisi Abdallah who  gave the former the background of all grounds and the past problems faced.

IT’S do or die for the Tanzanian envoys, ...


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