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TPSF assesses Covid-19 economic impact

THE Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) is conducting a survey using its clusters to assess the impact of corona pandemic on Tanzanian economy.

The TPSF Chairperson, Ms Angelina Ngalula said in Dar es Salaam recently that the foundation would use its 14 clusters to make successful and useful appraisal. 

The clusters are agriculture, industries, tourism, financial institutions, minerals, services, women entrepreneurs, Zanzibar traders, construction and engineering, oil and gas, transportation, companies, trade and vending.

“We have our 14 clusters to feed us information. We shall appoint experts to evaluate the impact of the pandemic on the activities of clusters.

Then we shall forward the experts views to the government for intervention to help highly hit clusters,” she explained.

She called on members of business community and employers to be patient as the foundation assesses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on all sectors of the economy, appealing to members refrain from doing their own assessments and sending complaints to the government.

The chairperson said agriculture and tourism clusters, especially horticulture, had been hit hugely by the pandemic because clusters were dependent heavily on external factors and activities in other nations have been stopped. 

She said closure of industries and airports in other countries affected the business of the two clusters.

The chairman said the foundation and the government were working jointly to find remedial measures.

“Let our members be patient, for TPSF is in the forefront and is cooperating with the government, in the struggle to ensure the economy remains on sound footing,” she said, insisting that the joint efforts were heading in the right direction.

Ms Ngalula said TPSF has taken several steps that include providing education on how the COVID-19 virus is spread and encouraging stakeholders to provide resources to fight the pandemic and in protecting workers’ jobs.

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