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Kalemani directs end of frequent power cuts in Moro

ENERGY Minister, Dr Medard Kalemani, has directed the installation of a circuit breaker at Msamvu Power Station to be completed immediately to stop frequent power cuts in Morogoro Region.

According to a statement issued by the Energy Ministry's Communications Unit yesterday, several parts of the region especially Mtibwa and Kilosa have recently been experiencing frequent power cuts due to the breakdown of a device at Msamvu Power Station.

"This is the last warning to all power station managers across the country that every power station should have spare parts to fix immediately once there is a breakdown," said the minister during his impromptu visit to the area.

He was accompanied by Tanesco Executive Director, Dr Tito Mwinuka, Tanesco Regional Manager Fred Shuma, a representative of the Renewable Energy Commissioner, Mr Ahmed Chinemba.

Dr Kalemani issued the directive after being informed that the frequent power cuts in several areas in the region were due to the breakdown of the circuit breaker at Msamvu Power Station.

Likewise, the minister issued a seven-day ultimatum to two Tanesco staff members working at Msamvu Power Station to relocate near the power station to address any challenge timely.

He stressed that it was the last warning to all Tanesco staff members working at power stations across the country to relocate near their working stations to solve any power problem timely.

Dr Kalemani further issued a three-day ultimatum to Tanesco in Morogoro Region to fix a power supply problem at Mtibwa for the members of the public to access electricity.

He explained that frequent power cuts experienced in some parts of the country had resulted from the supervision challenge and not the power shortage.

"Here in Morogoro, for instance, the power station receives sufficient electricity. The station receives 88MW while demand in the region stands at 48MW only," he noted.

GOVERNMENT has advised all individuals and institutions intending ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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