Apply online system as safeguard - Feleshi

THE Principal Judge, Dr Eliezer Feleshi, has advised stakeholders, including the Police and Prison Forces, to cooperate with the Judiciary in providing justice through online system especially during this time when the world is struggling against spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Dr Feleshi said on Friday that the Judiciary had already embraced Information and Communication (ICT), thus advising the Police and Prisons to prepare to work online especially during this period of the epidemic.

The principal judge was speaking during his official tour in Mkuranga, Kibiti and Rufiji districts when he inspected various judicial activities.

"The Judiciary of Tanzania will make sure the doors of justice are open so that citizens can get justice on time," Dr Feleshi said.

According to him, the Tanzanian Judiciary was ready to go to prisons and conduct cases if the Prison Department would be ready to cooperate.

"Just change the venues, we will come and hear cases there," he pointed out.

Addressing judiciary staff members in areas he visited, the principal judge called upon them to act honestly and ethically to protect the integrity of the Judiciary of Tanzania.

Reading the report for Mkuranga District Court, Resident Magistrate in Charge Herrieth Mwailolo explained that between January and March, 2020, a total of 127 cases were determined.

During that period, the Court registered 128 cases, while the remaining cases for the previous period were 196.

On part of the primary court, Ms Mwailolo said that a total of 133 cases were registered between January and March, of which 110 were heard and decided.

Dr Feleshi is continuing with his special tour in Morogoro Region, where he will visit the Morogoro Magistrate’s Court, the Mvomero District Court and the Morogoro, Mvomero and Kingolwira primary courts.

In his first day of the visit, the principal judge toured Kigamboni, Temeke and Ilala District Courts, as well as Temeke, Mbagala, Ukonga, Buguruni and Ilala primary courts and has inspected the construction of the Integrated Justice Centre at Chang’ombe area in Temeke District, Dar es Salaam.

He directed all magistrates and other judicial officers to continue serving the people judiciously despite the challenge of the current outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, which is currently shaking the world.

The principal judge said that every magistrate should remember his constitutional duty as provided for under Article 107A and B of the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania as well as the oaths of office they took.

“This period of the epidemic does not stop conflicts from occurring in society, so everyone must discharge one’s duties. It is the period that reminds us how best to improve the justice service delivery in the country,” the principal judge explained.

In addition, Dr Feleshi urged Magistrates in Charge of Kigamboni, Temeke and Ilala District Courts to continue improving co-operation with other stakeholders of the judiciary on ensuring that justice is delivered on time.

He paid tribute to all magistrates and other judiciary staff of courts that he visited for supporting efforts by senior leaders of the Judiciary to ensure that the justice was delivered fairly.

Apart from inspecting judicial functions, as well as developments on implementation of justice services delivery, Dr Feleshi will also review how best the High Court’s Dar es Salaam Zone has taken precautionary measures against covid- 19’s disaster in ensuring the safety of staff and court clients.

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