Linesman Komba practises match duties in his living room

TANZANIAN FIFA qualified assistant referee Frank Komba is taking working from home seriously as brilliant video of linesman shows him practising match duties while in his living room.

As the world enters a state of lockdown in a bid to combat the coronavirus pandemic, many people have been told to work from home in self-isolation to reduce the deadly virus’ spread.

While this may be difficult, or even yet, impossible for some, there’s one match official that isn’t letting COVID-19 stop him from perfecting his craft.

Komba isn’t letting the coronavirus stop him for perfecting his craft as he has taken to social media to show how he’s been practising his duties as a linesman in his own living room.

The hilarious, but brilliant, video shows Komba darting from side-to-side with bounds of energy in a full referee’s get-up. In short spurts, Komba even flags for offside calls before furiously waving for throw-ins.

Better yet, after flagging for a throw-in, Komba even mouths back to imaginary players, saying that he’s got the decision right. Komba may be forced to keep up this routine for the foreseeable future with football unlikely to make a return for the next few months.

UEFA have announced the postponements of several major tournaments, including their flagship club competitions the Champions League and Europa League along with summer’s European Championship.

Action in the Premier League has been postponed until April 30 but that date looks set to be put back even further with the coronavirus still in its infancy.

THE Tanzania Cricket Association (TCA), plans to resume ...

Author: SUNDAY NEWS Reporter/ Agencies

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