Some telecom towers ineffective, Bunge told

Some telecom towers ineffective, Bunge told

SIKONGE Member of Parliament (MP-CCM), Joseph Kakuda has alleged that telecommunication towers in eight Wards of the constituency have become ineffective thus slowing communication in the area.

The legislator told the National Assembly here on Thursday that Vodacom, Airtel, Tigo and Halotel signal networks have not been working well, hence result in poor communication of the residents’ communication devices.

“Besides, three more Wards of Nyahua, Igigwa and Ngonjwa have no communication signals,” he said, naming the eight affected areas as Kipili, Kilumbi, Kiloli, Kitunda, Kisanga, Mole, Kiloleli and Ipole areas.

“When shall the government deploy better communication network for Sikonge people residing in areas with awful communication signals,” he asked.

The MP further asked the government to provide a timeframe in which it will restore mobile network coverage in the three wards with poor communication networks.

In response, the Deputy Minister for Transport and Communication Eng. Atashasta Nditiye on-behalf of his Minister said the government through the Universal Communication Access Service Fund (UCSAF) has issued grants for the construction of communication tower in Sikonge District.

The grants, according to the deputy minister would construct the towers in Kiloli, Igigwa, Kipanga, Kipili and Kitunda, adding: “The initiative involves the state-own Tanzania Telecommunication Corporation –TTCL and Vodacom under phase one and three communication project.”

On Igigwa Ward, Eng Nditiye said the UCSAF announced a tender, where TTCL won to fix some, adding that so far they have started preparations to build one.

In the exercise, the UCSAF is expected to include Nyahua and Ngonjwa Wards in the construction in the fifth phase during the 2020/21financial year.

Expounding, he said that the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) will also conduct quality assessment for the communication services’ network signal as required by the State to enable citizens have better communication services.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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