Welcome to invest in Kalambo Waterfalls, State tells private sector

THE government has urged any private sector interested investor(s) to try a hand at Africa’s second tallest free-leaping Kalambo Waterfalls given the advances it has made to construct it as a tourist attraction site.

The single-drop waterfall stands tall as 221m and is second to the Tugela Falls in South Africa, but currently lack sufficient accommodation facilities.

Making the revelation, the Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Mr Constantine Kanyasu told the National Assembly that the government has been working to improve its infrastructures, since it was carved from the Kalambo National Reserve Forest.

“The government is considering support from the private sector in the construction of a Zoo, Conference Halls and Hotels to make the site more attractive to visitors,” he said.

Since 2016, the government had embarked on constructing the area’s infrastructures to attract more tourists by first building Administration Offices, walk trails and a 450 metre stair to the waterfalls.

In 2018, Mr Kanyasu noted that the government embarked on further constructing 540 stairs, offices, toilets and a gate to serve the visitors.

“The work was being implemented by Green Construction Limited,” he further said, while responding to a question from Special Seats Member of Parliament (MP- Chadema), Aida Khenan.

The legislator had sought to know when the government would release funds to improve the site to attract more tourists visiting Kalambo River.

In rejoinder, the deputy minister said improvements have been there including construction of modern infrastructures likely to be completed this year.

The Kalambo River stands as a border point between Zambia and Tanzania.

THE World Vision Tanzania (WVT), in collaboration with ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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