Government to execute 1.5bn/- water projects in Tarime

THE government has issued 1.5bn/- to finance various water projects in Tarime district, Mara Region, in this fiscal year.

The fund geared to improve water supply to rural and urban areas in the district and measures are in place to make sure some of long delayed project are implemented within the set deadlines.

Tarime Rural and Urban Water Sanitation Authority (RUWASA) Manager Eng Marwa Muraza told the ‘Daily News’ that the funds have been injected on financing new projects in the district.

The RUWASA manager mentioned some benefited villages for new project as Magoma, Borega A, Mtana, Nyantira and Nyansincha.

While, part of the money was directed to rehabilitate water projects villages like Nyarwana, Gibasso, Korotambe, Keisangura and Nyamwaga. Others are Muriba, Nyagisia, Kebweye, Matongo and Nyakunguru.

Eng Muraza said efforts are underway to ensure that implementation of projects that have taken so long time is completed as soon as possible to easy the problem of water in the area.

He cited Gamasara project which he said must start providing water service by June.

The contractor was reportedly delaying implementation of the project.

“The per cent of people in rural areas with access to safe water has increased from 46 per cent to 56 per cent,” he said.

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Author: MUGINI JACOB in Tarime

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