Keep up good work TCA, do it more

OPTING to renovate and upgrade its three major cricket ovals in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Cricket Association (TCA) deserves to among the innovative moves at this time when coronavirus ravages the entire globe.

We laud the TCA for this option which we see very positive since it shows what the new management is committed to refine cricket grounds, which will enable a good flow of leagues from junior, women, and senior level, once the coronavirus outbreak is conquered.

The TCA commitment come as replacement of suspended cricket activities, responding to Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa’s order to ban all sports activities and events that are of a huge public nature, as part of strengthening preventive measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

We must laud TCA for the commitment as we have already seen good development at Annadil Burhan and Usagara ground in Tanga; and in Morogoro where upgrading works at SUA cricket ground is almost complete.

We expect to see better play and events at the three venues to benefit from the move; Dar es Salaam Gymkhana and Leaders Club grounds when the upgrading works end.

Also involved in the renovation plan are the University of Dar es Salaam and Annadil Burhani ovals, both found in Dar es Salaam.

We know that cricket like many other sports is deeply affected, but the courageous words of TCA officials that break can’t stop them from rejuvenating cricket in Tanzania are highly motivating.

It should not stop there and we expect upon the end of coronavirus break, to see TCA enhancing its grassroots level projects which we think must be a priority for the newly leadership.

We insist to the TCA they must develop cricket to the next level as they promised in their campaign for the posts.

Cricket, one of the sports that looked as an exemplary in achievement, has been redundant in the recent years as it seemed to lack serious attempts to rejuvenate it.

Tanzania Cricket Association (TCA), needs to take up cricket development at grassroots level for the game to reclaim its lost glory and in near future we would love to see it being played in either Inter-Primary School Games (Umitashumta) or Inter-Secondary School Games.

We would like to advise the cricket governing body and its associates to prepare a cricket curriculum which can be used by sports teachers, who will run grassroots level projects.

From here on, TCA and the entire cricket fraternity have to remain focused on development while keeping safe from coronavirus infection.

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