Let’s cooperate to mitigate coronavirus disease impact

AS Tanzania and other countries across the world continue fighting against the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19), the impact on the economy has started being felt and may result in a decline in production.

The number of cases of people with Covid-19 in the country had of yesterday risen to 19 as the government continues imposing preventive measures to contain the spread of the deadly disease. However, no death yet has been reported from either Mainland Tanzania or Zanzibar.

But since Tanzania’s economy is not isolated from the rest of the world, the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak have started hitting the country’s key sectors of the economy.

According to the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), manufacturers in the country are anticipating a change in their operations in the coming months as some are already facing supply chain disruptions.

The outbreak of Covid-19 have forced manufacturers to keep their teams and communities safe and healthy and also contending with the full range of effects to the economy, to their supply chains and their operations.

For example, some of the manufacturers, sourcing their raw materials from most hit countries by coronavirus like China and India, have started experiencing disruptions in production.

The situation will have a huge impact on sales and profits of the manufacturing firms. Others have started sending home employees until the situation normalises.

TPSF said the outbreak of the deadly Covid-19 would ultimately change the manufacturing sector’s short and long-term growth projections.

The private sector body urged its members to carry out a general assessment of the effects of the coronavirus to all of its clusters ranging from agriculture, financial institutions and industrial production.

A report from the assessment will help decision makers take measures to rescue and bring the manufacturing sector back to its normal growth.

The government’s concerted effort to contain the spread of the Covid- 19 is giving hope of minimising the impact on various sectors of the economy as they contribute significantly to the economy.

According to worldometers.info, by yesterday 11:27 am there were 7 35,336 cases worldwide, 156,137 people (82 per cent) recovered and 34,818 people had died.

Currently infected patients are 544 ,381 (516,169 (95 per cent) being in mild condition and 28,212 (5 per cent) in serious or critical state.

Covid-19 causes respiratory illness with symptoms such as a cough, fever and in more severe cases, difficulty breathing.

One may protect oneself by washing one’s hands freq uently, avoiding touching one’s face and avoiding close contact (1 metre) with people who have contracted it. So, let us take care!

IT is a highly commendable return of live ...

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