Zonal Darts tournament heads to Dodoma

TANZANIA Darts Association (TADA) which is also in hiatus, is organising the Zonal Tournament to be staged on May 8th this year.

The zonal level event is open for both men and women and players from all regions in the country.

Sporting events may be clamped down at the moment, but darts players in the country hope to open the curtains in May, with the Zonal Single Finals scheduled for next Month should the Covid-19 curfew be lifted.

“The Zonal Darts Finals will be held in Dodoma, in case the current 30 days freeze on sports activities and other gatherings will be melted down after four weeks; we believe we shall be the first to brighten up events in the post Corona infections period,” said Victor Kimambo, the TADA Secretary General.

He, however, pointed out those TADA officials we are waiting for the government directives on this.

According to the Darts Association official, TADA will cater for food, accommodation and return transport for all the 62 players from all zones that will participate in the event at Dodoma, next May.

Five zones, will be participating in the Darts Finals, including Northern (12 players); Southern Highlands (Five players); Central (Nine Players); Coastal (14 players) and lake Zone (11 players).

There will also be 11 officials accompanying those teams. The zonal tourney will serve a threshold sieve towards building a National darts team to represent the country in events such as the forthcoming East African Darts Championship to be held here possibly next June.

According to the TADA officials, Darts players can always practice in isolation without mixing with others: “With darts one can have own board and practice at home in isolation, and even during playing it is possible to arrange that participants.

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Author: YASINTA AMOS in in Arusha

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