Kilimanjaro club drivers command NRC title chase

KIlIMANJARO -based driver, Ajminder Dhani is firmly commanding the helm as the race for the National Rally Championship has halted due to coronavirus threat.

Dhani has claimed the driver’s seat after pocketing 30 points which was awarded to him as the overall winner of Vaisakhi Rally of Arusha in Mid-March.

Alongside Dhani, is Manmeet Birdi who is leading the navigator’s race with 30 points. Birdi navigated Dhani to the victory in the season opener.

Second overall in the race is Arusha-based Gurpal Sandhu with 24 points. Sandhu who was navigated by Zambian David Sihoka in Mitsubishi Evo, finished overall runner in Vaisakhi Rally, which also served as the season opener. Sihoka also reaped 24 points.

Third overall in the race is Mandeep Dhani, also from Kilimanjaro who has reaped 21 points while the fourth slot went to Gurjit Singh as he bagged 19 points to his name.

Gurjit introduced his ultramodern Skoda Fabia during the season opener. On navigation, the third overall is Absalom Aswani who navigated Mandeep to the third position.

Singh was two points above Randeep Singh who after the race managed to claim 17 points to fill the fifth place as Jamil Shahbhai was 6th on the list with 15 points respectively.

Dar es Salaam based driver Kelvin Taylor was seventh on the day after pocketing 13 points while Musa Mswaki claimed 11 points to sit on eighth place as Rajpal Dhani hauled 9 points to occupy position nine as well.

The going was a bit hard for Kelvin Parnis who finished tenth with 7 points, only two points above Zaneal Somji who was 11th with 5 points to his name.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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