Katambi directs all buses to be sprayed

DODOMA District Commissioner (DC), Patrobas Katambi has directed that all buses should be sprayed and travellers should wash their hands before boarding them as a means of fighting against the deadly coronavirus.

Speaking at the weekend, Mr Katambi directed that the move to spray all upcountry buses and those going outside of the country should begin with immediate effect.

He said that the initiative would equally involve all commuter buses going to different destinations in Dodoma City.

“We have started spraying all buses to disinfect them as we continue with our campaign to fight against Covid-19.

He said that all drives should ensure their passengers were safe by spraying their vehicles with disinfectants.

The DC further asked Dodoma residents to ensure they washed their hands with soap regularly and sanitised themselves to protect themselves from contracting the deadly virus.

“I want to insist that in all business areas, offices and homes, people should make sure that the areas are clean and they should keep washing their hands regularly as well as maintaining social isolation whenever necessary,’’ said the DC.

He also asked businesspeople to refrain from hiking prices of sanitisers at the expense of the spread of the disease, as he paid tribute to companies and institutions helping the government in the fight against the deadly disease.


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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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