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Water project set to benefit Zanzibar schools

CHARITY organisation , Time To Help in collaboration with Feza schools and Ministry of Education Zanzibar have launched a major water project, expecting to drill more than 20 water wells for primary and secondary schools in Zanzibar.

The project which is expected to be implemented this year will cost more than 150m/-.

The launching of the project was conducted on Friday in Zanzibar by the Deputy Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Simai Mohamed Said at the Ministry offices.

Other officials who were present during the launch included the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the ministry, chairperson of SABIL, who are the owners of Feza schools Zanzibar, head teacher of Feza School Zanzibar, Ali Nungu and the chairperson of Time To Help, Ramadhani Praph.

The Time To Help chairperson, Ramadhani Praph said in a period of two years, Time To Help and Feza schools have managed to dril 30 water wells for Unguja and Pemba, and this year they expect to drill 20 more.

He said they have already identified areas for the wells, adding that about four wells have already been completed and were launched at Muanda and Wete Secondary, and Pujıni and Mizingani primary and secondary schools.

He added that the construction of three other wells at Sebuleni Primary School and Mgambo Kijumbani primary and secondary school is still going on.

He added that the aim is to help the government efforts in reducing water shortage for primary and secondary students and ensure they access safe and clean water.

He said when students access clean and safe water; they in turn concentrate on studies instead of spending many hours looking for water, adding that availability of water will boost their performance.

Deputy Minister for Education, Simai Mohamed Said congratulated Time To Help and Feza schools for their contribution of clean and safe water to different schools.

On his side, the ministry’s Deputy Permanent Secretary, Abdulla Abdulla, apart from praising Time To Help and Feza schools for the donation, said he hoped the collaboration by the organisations will be sustainable.

“We need this spirit of collaboration to continue in other sectors, we appreciate your assistance and we expect to continue working together,” he said.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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