Chinese Embassy shares scientific experience for world to contain coronavirus

CHINA’s experience in containing the spread of the novel coronavirus has set an ideal standard for the countries now facing the COVID-19 pandemic, according to UN.

Due to the great achievements, Chinese Embassy in Tanzania has shared the Global Times’ seven (7) tips showing how China emerged the winner in the battle against Covid-19.

“Other countries can use China's experiences in #COVID19 fight as a reference,” reads a Chinese Embassy in Tanzania’s tweet shared on Thursday afternoon.

While many countries in the world have taken various measures including ‘self-isolation’ or 14-day-quarantine for people entering to another country, barring public gatherings and set aside funds to contain spread of coronavirus, the following points should be considered according to the Global Times.

  1. Putting people together
  2. Establishing high-efficient commanding mechanism
  3. Sticking to the principles of abiding to the laws, science and pursuit of accuracy
  4. Bringing families, communities and work units into fully play
  5. Pooling national resources
  6. Rely on technologies
  7. Being transparent and proactively communicating with international society

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Author: Sauli Giliard

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