Livestock value up by 40.6 pct

THE value of livestock sold in registered markets increased by 40.6 percent to 360bn/- compared to 255.99bn/-registered in the corresponding period in 2018 on account of demand and supply factors.

According to the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) consolidated zonal economic performance report, the increase was recorded in all zones except southern highlands zone.

Central zone accounted for 29.9 percent of the total value of livestock sold, followed by Dar es Salaam zone with 22.6 percent.

A total of 739,234 livestock from the central zone worth 107.55bn/-in the quarter ending September 2019 compared to 278,827 livestock valued 55.68bn/-in the corresponding period 2018.

The number of livestock sold in the Dar es Salaam zone was 183,511 valued at 81.50bn/-compared to 104,596 worth 58.24bn/-sold in the similar period 2018.

In the Lake zone, the number of livestock sold through registered markets was 230,617 valued 75.57bn/-compared to 257,217 worth 56.98bn/-in the corresponding period 2018.

During the period under review, the number of cattle sold were 602,471 worth 328.74bn/-compared to 523,087 cattle valued 234.84bn/-in the quarter ending September 2018.

The number of goats sold were 358,586 valued 24.21bn/- compared to 280,546 goats worth 15.66bn/- while a total of sheep sold during the reference period were 122,038 worth 7.05bn/-compared to 99,453 sheep valued  5.49bn/-.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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