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State intensifies fight against poaching

DEPUTY Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Mr Constantine Kanyasu, has directed the anti-poaching unit in the northern zone to intensify measures in response to poaching of wild animals killed for human consumption by a section of people living around protected areas.

The specified wild animals include gazelles, zebras, rabbits, wild pigs and dik-dik, where he issued another directive for the establishment of special butcheries for bush meat, which he said will deter poaching activities.

Mr Kanyasu issued the directive here when he met with officials of the antipoaching unit from Arusha, Tanga, Kilimanjaro and Manyara.

According to him, the response intends to substitute the various measures taken by local and international wild life management corporations which have redirected efforts for the protection of wild animals like elephants, rhinoceros, lions, giraffes and leopards, where the latter are constantly killed for meat by surrounding communities.

He noted that the measures are crucial, because he said the public will be in trouble because dangerous wild animals like lions will have to feed on humans if the animals they feed on become scarce due to poaching.

Equally, he said some parks will be largely affected for losing its biggest wild animals due to lack of food, which will impact negatively on the tourism sector.

Due to the rise of poaching incidences among the communities who were earlier believed not have interest on bush meat, it’s an alarm to wildlife management.

He explained that the ecology is in danger because the hunter-gatherer communities in the areas rely on wild animals for their consumption and simply because the habit has gained momentum.

He, however, warned the communities to immediately refrain from such bad tendencies and adapt to wildlife management habits.

“The anti-poaching unit should work diligently by strengthening cooperation with the community for earlier intelligence reports on the acts,” said the Deputy Minister.

In another development, he urged the officials to refrain from engaging in corruption related to poaching incidences which affects government revenues.

“Some of the officials have been colluding with tourists who come to the country to hunt. The tourists have been killing pregnant animals on the watch of the officials while knowing its wrong and a threat to wildlife management,” he said.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Arusha

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