Tanzania vows to support war on terrorism

Tanzania vows to support war on terrorism

TANZANIA has reiterated the willingness to cooperate with global communities to end threats of terrorism in in the world, highlighting possible strategies that would simplify the process.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, Dr Damas Ndumbaro made the statement yesterday during the 16th European Remembrance Day for the victims of terrorism.

At the event that was attended by Ambassadors from European Union (EU) countries, Dr Ndumbaro said terrorism can be defeated if countries would complement security measures with prevention efforts that identify and address root causes.

“We must prioritise international cooperation in our counter-terrorism strategy as there is no single country or organisation that has all the answers to the cross-border challenges posed by terrorism, in this case, private sector and civil societies should play a part to successfully address the challenge,” he explained.

The deputy minister also suggested that the United Nations (UN) should strengthen its institutional links with regional organisations, especially through exchanging critical information and knowledge, and the implementation of joint investigations and operations.

He also hailed the EU for starting to provide support to victims of crimes and terrorist attacks through its commission, and putting in place strong legal framework to protect victims in the region.

Earlier, the representative of the EU, Mr Manifredo Fanti said fighting terrorism needs joint efforts from global communities.

“We need to be strong, combine all the efforts and be much braver to end terrorism attacks in the world,” he said in a note that was seconded by France Ambassador to Tanzania, Frédéric Clavier, who also delivered a key note speech from French President Emmanuel Macron.

“It is indeed important to remember the challenges that terrorism, in all its forms, seeks to impose the destruction of our democracies, culture identities, family and beliefs,” he said.

According to him, since 2012, France has paid a heavy price with the appearance of a new form of terrorist attacks that resulted in 258 causalities.

“Much has been done to better identify the threat and improve intelligence, but human, technological and legal resources must be reinforced to counter terrorism,” he noted

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