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COMMUNITY radio practitioners have been called upon to ensure that their work becomes visible and communicated with skills, which produces positive results in society.

Mr Nuru Chuo, a consultant from Unesco, made the call in Mwanza recently, at a capacity building session on communication and visibility for five local radio stations.

He stressed that once the community radio practitioners spoke one language, they would ensure effective communication, which reduced unnecessary expenditures.

For his part, Mr Sebastian Okiki, facilitator at the session, said communication skills were central to many aspects in life.

“Most radio stations are doing wonders, but do not take time to access their visibility in public. Visibility is about your image and making sure that what you do is known,” stressed Mr Okiki.

The four-day session is part of a social sustainability programme implemented by Unesco to change makers from all 25 SDC supported community radios in Tanzania.

THE Principal Judge, Dr Eliezer Feleshi, has advised ...

Author: SUNDAY NEWS Reporter in Mwanza

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