Minding our health, taking care of our earth and the global action

WE live in countries and survive in them. We make an environment and in return it makes us.

Our nations find an identity that helps giving us a sense of belonging. They are indeed communities that give us guidance; whether they absolve us or send us to doom that depends with the local arrangements. Despite of the truth embedded in the above statements, a call for global action is too important to be denied.

The reason being there are a number of problems that are too common to be faced individually. February 10 of every year is a designated day for pulses that goes by the moniker, World Pulses Day. The pulses intended are chickpeas, dry beans, green grams, pigeon peas, cow peas, lentils and dry peas among others.

The day was proclaimed by the General Assembly of United Nations on December 20, 2018. The major motive behind this grand resolution is to encourage people in the entire world to eat pulses. The shocking revelation is that there is virtually no other product given an honour close or equal to this one.

There is a Swahili proverb that states, “Where there is smoke, there is fire”, loosely meaning something seen signifies a thing that is unseen. It is believed that the move was a deliberate one. It was not a joke so must haven’t been a pun-intended one.

In most areas of the world, pulses are cheap food, making them easily accessible by a number of people in the world including Tanzania. In spite of being continental major producers of pulses, Tanzanians are not so in love with pulses consumption.

With per capita consumption of 14 kilogrammes, we are yet to reach our full potential. Pulses are rich in iron minerals instrumental in making haemoglobin – one such an important element in blood formation – its deficiency leads to anaemia.

If only we could be good at consuming them, Tanzania could be free from anaemia disease, but the case is contrary to reality as research done by National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) found that 8 per cent of Tanzania have anaemia, which is a common comorbidity of malaria.

The world is sick and tired of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, infections, kidney disease, liver disease or lung disease. The major cause of this one is associated with habitual consumption of meat. Meat and its varied forms like dairy products and are highly regarded as the major source of protein.

But they carry with them serious risks of the above mentioned ailments, these are the major reasons behind President Bill Clinton’s decision to go vegan, and he noted, “I just decided that I was the high risk person, and I didn’t want to fool with this anymore. And I wanted to live to be a grandfather. So I decided to pick the diet that I thought would maximize my chances of long-term survival”.

Today, the world is silently going through a grand re-establishment. We all know that hamburger – a flat round cake of minced beef served in a bread roll – is a global favourite food originating from the Western hemisphere. News from Europe to Dubai states that their entrepreneurs of hamburger are starting substituting meat to pulses like chickpeas.

With the current wave of awareness among the populace, those who pioneer this venture are going to reap big time. So, we may not go the Clinton way, but at least we can ensure that pulses are included in our daily diets.

Further, the World Pulses Day is anticipated to create a momentum in producing pulses, usually production is a resultant of the powerful pulling effects of market.

People are ready to put money where their mouth is. Increased production will improve our earth with strength it requires as the soil gets an opportunity to be nourished after it gets ravaged by continued ploughing. Pulses generates nitrates required by every plant and at the same time provides periodic moisture while preventing it from erosion.

Tanzania is the least contributor to global climate change compared to the rest of the world, but is considerably affected by it. Now, when the same ‘rest of the world’ starts waking up and join the fight we cannot leave it behind, we can only step up and lead the race, as we have been in to this for some time now.

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Author: Zirack Andrew

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