DCB widens opportunities in skonga account

DCB Commercial Bank has adjusted its children education savings package DCB Skonga Account to include savings for twelve months.

The bank’s Commercial Director, James Ngaluko said in a statement that they have come up with DCB MINI SKONGA to widen savings opportunities in its original package launched last year.

Unlike the original DCB Skonga package in which parents were needed to save for the children from the age of one to 17, with the revised DCB, Mini Skonga version parents could save for twelve months to get three-year guarantee.

“Under the DCB MINI SKONGA package, a parent is assured of education of the child from the monthly contributions and in addition to that the children will continue to get education sponsorship for three years free when a parent suffers from disability or dies,” he said.

The director said that despite DCB launching the new edition, parents could still contribute through the older version of DCB SKONGA, under which a parent is guaranteed of the child’s education up to the university level depending on the programme selected from the age of one to 17.

Elaborating on the benefits of the SKONGA packages, the director said many lowincome Tanzanians were uncertain of the fate of education of their children, given that they face myriad challenges that can affect their capacity to pay school fees and other expenses.

“Through the DCB Skonga package parents can chose their monthly contribution amount in order to be assured of the education of the children and realize their dreams, we eliminate any uncertainty because under the package, in the event that the parents suffers from disability or dies, the dependant is refunded the whole amount contributed to that time, and the child will have their school fees and other expenses paid for the remainder of the original contract period. He called on both customers and Tanzanian in general to use the opportunities provided by the accounts saying they provide the most dependable means of making sure that our children receive education.”

“We at DCB give priority to programmes that support the efforts of the phase five government by launching products and opportunities that have benefits for all the people. Education is an important input in our lives, so it is our hope that people will rush to register with these packages in order to be assured of education,” added Ngaluko.

The Head of Marketing and Communication Rahma Ngassa said through Skonga and Mini Skonga a customer would be assured of security of their money, assurance of education of children up to university level, a hefty annual bonus payment, access to emergency loans of up to 50 per cent of contribution, and funeral insurance in case of death of account holder, spouse or child.

I call on parents to take care of their children, put conducive environment for future life, and the only way of realizing this is by signing up to the DCB Skonga accounts, because on top of the educational benefits for children, in case a customer manages to contribute continuously without interruptions during the whole contract term, the bank will reimburse the whole deposit, thereby giving customer change to take care of more development ventures.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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