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Use innovation hubs, youth told

YOUTH in the country have been encouraged to make the most of innovation hubs that would help them gain knowledge and skills which would in turn help transform their ideas into businesses.

During a function held in Dar es Salaam at the climax of a program to train recent Form Four leavers on entrepreneurial skills using technology dubbed Ndoto Hub, youth were also urged to use platforms to share ideas and network.

Ntufye Mwakigonja, the Acting Manager of National Fund Advancement of Science and Technology at the Commission for Science and Technology, said they had been supporting innovation hubs because it was an undeniable fact that innovation was critical.

“There are many ways to support these platforms that will in the long run help youth be inclined to selfemploy themselves, and we have been doing so financially with the help of other development partners,” he said.

The program is the brainchild of AlMaktoum College of Engineering and Technology which also runs AMCET Innovation Hub.

According to Habibu Mrisho, Hub Manager, AMCET Innovation Hub, Ndoto is a platform that focuses on discovering great potentials in young generation (Form Four graduates) and mentoring them with soft skills that will help them identify their purposes, their contributions to their communities, envision their dreams and improve their career.

“The project aims to bridge the existing unemployment gap among youth due to lack of skills that most employers look for. Through the platform youth acquire different skills that will help them compete in the job market or employ themselves,” he said.

He added that the platform carries the promise of providing technological and entrepreneurial skills to youth and support them towards development of different activities to generate income.

One of the beneficiaries of the program, Latifah Kudra, the program has enabled her to learn about existing opportunities that she never imagined of.

“Before joining the program, I was unable to make the most of technology and so I never even imagined that through technology, I could start my own business,” she said.

Kudra completed Form Four last year and scored Division III and she is keen on pursuing further studies, she said, but hints that if all goes according to plans, she will start her own small business.

Ndoto is a three months program where students learn different skills such as programming skills, entrepreneurship skills and other soft skills essential for their careers.

During the training period, students also come up with innovative ideas aimed at solving problems in their society.

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