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Women free to decide on condom use, couples told

WOMEN should take their part and push for the use of condoms during sexual activities to prevent themselves against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), unplanned pregnancies against HIV/ AIDS.

The Director of Social Enterprise at T-MARC Tanzania, Mr Flavian Ngole made the observation in Dar es Salaam, at the commemorations of the International Condom Awareness Day marked annually on 13th February.

Mr Ngole noted that the role of deciding on condom use in sexual activities has been left for men to rule, and their spouses do nothing.

According to him, such should not always be the case as issues related to health and wellbeing involves both parties.

“Proper use of condoms has a protection chance of 98 percent against STIs, pregnancies and HIV. Women like men have equal weight in promoting healthy and safe relationships considering the risks related to STIs and unintended pregnancies,” added the Director.

Besides pushing for use of condoms during sexual activities, women should also embark on buying such protective gears in further promoting the practice.

He further disclosed a growing negative perception held by some members of society that women buying condoms are prostitutes, which is not the case.

He, however, identified the fight against such stigma as putting the lives of many people including youth and women at risk.

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