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Study: REPOA remains lead think-tank in row

RESEARCH on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA) remains the leading think-tank in the country for the sixth consecutive year, placing Tanzania in top ten countries in the Sub-Saharan region, a study shows.

According to REPOA Executive Director, Dr Donald Mmari, a study conducted by Think Tank and Civil Societies Programs (TTCSP), places his institution elevating Tanzania to the seventh nation in hierarchy of Botswana leading, Ethiopia (second), Kenya and Ghana (tying third), South Africa (fifth), Cote D’Ivoire (sixth) and Nigeria and Uganda following.

However, Repoa has maintained its rank of being the 11th out of 612 thinktanks in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr Mmari further said that criteria used to grade the countries according to the think-tanks included quality research, capacity building initiatives and contribution to policy.

“The report could not have come out at a better time like this…as we begin to implement our new strategic plan. This reminds us of our responsibilities and commitments to continue undertaking credible research and analytical work in providing information that is relevant for evidence-informed policy making,” he said.

The Executive Director further said that his agency will continue to provide capacity development to diverse development stakeholders, and as well play a role in informing the government, development partners, and civil societies.

Expounding, he highlighted on their new strategic plan for 2020-2024 saying it would much be used to achieve national development plans and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Among other things the think-tank’s plan focuses on productive sectors, inclusive development, gender and human development, governance accountability and citizen engagement complemented by cross- cutting research on climate change and technology and innovation.

“These are essential elements to inform a comprehensive national agenda on social economic transformation for inclusive development, and the commitments to achieve the SDGs” he said.

The report shows that other five Tanzanian think-tanks were ranked between 43rd to 86th position, saying: “This shows other Tanzanian thinktanks have also performed well and improved their rankings over time.”

TTCSP for the 14th time brought together hundreds of think-tanks and other civil society actors around the world in a unique global programme at its University of Pennsylvania headquarter.

This year’s think-tank report was launch at the end of January with ‘Why think tanks and policy advice matter’ being its theme.

The report listed 8,162 think tanks around the world, noting that 51 percent of them are located in North America, 27 percent in Europe, 14.5 percent in Latin America and Asia; and the remaining 7.5 percent in the Sub- Saharan Africa.

“This shows the importance in the development of a country, because data indicates that such organisations are more in developed countries than in developing nations,” the Executive Director added, while commending TTCSP, for their innovative efforts in raising the voices of think tanks globally

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