Artistic works help youths combat early pregnancies

THE use of artistic works has been described as fundamental towards educating young girls to resist temptations which could lead them to early pregnancies and marriages.

This was said recently in Dar es Salaam by a writer from Bahati and Maguzo Art group, Paulo Gomez during a presentation ceremony of the musical play to Kambangwa Secondary School students that aimed at providing awareness on the challenges faced by young girls and urge them not to refrain from saying ‘No’ to unprofitable temptations.

He said the aim of the Music Play was to teach youth especially girl students to change their behaviour and avoid temptation by using play by adding musical dance (feeling and emotion).

In his remarks, the Director of Bahati and Maguzo Art group, Pili Maguzo said they decided to involve Secondary School students not only in Dar salaam but also to other regions across the country by using musical play to help them learn and express challenges they face.

She added that, after watching the play, there will be discussion sessions with the concerned students to give out their views and how they can be able to solve such incidents so as to become good ambassadors in their areas.

She noted that they succeeded to meet with more than 450 students from Kambangwa Secondary School and that previously, they held similar campaign with students from Oysterbay Secondary School.

However, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Deputy Head of Mission, Lianne Houben said artistic works have power to entertain and educate and that through the musical play, they help the society to especially young girls to know how they can overcome challenges and pursue their dreams.

She then vowed to continue supporting other plays which are produced by Bahati And Maguzo Art group.

“We will continue to fight for women and girls rights as well as opposing all negative traditional practices like Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early marriage which mostly affects the dreams of the girls in the country,” she stressed.

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