TCU warns unregistered students agencies

TANZ ANIA Commission for Universities (TCU) has issued a one-month ultimatum to unregistered overseas students recruitment agencies to register or be blacklisted.

TCU Executive Secretary, Prof Charles Kihampa issued the statement on Tuesday in Dar es Salaam when briefing the media on implementation of various projects and other roles attached to the commission during the first four years of the fifth phase of government administration.

Prof Kihampa said the Commission has established many plans including principles and guidelines for L icensing Overseas students’ recruitment agencies and Issuance of no objection certificate.

He said the guidelines requires all the agencies concerned to register and be approved by March this year failure to do so, they would be blocked from operations.

“The agencies that will not abide by the call and get registered within the given period would be blacklisted and be made public as in-genuine agencies,” he said.

Since the establishment of the guidelines, only three agencies have been registered as others failed to meet registration requirements.

The TCU Boss reiterated the need for all the unregistered agencies to get all the requirements and get registered before the set deadline.

“Running an agency for students’ recruitment process without TCU approval is illegal as stipulated in the Universities rules 2013 ,” he warned.

Meanwhile Professor Kihampa said that TCU has made tremendous achievements in various areas, including improvement of service provision as well as efficiently overseeing the management of higher learning institutions for better education.

He said TCU conducted an assessment of 64 higher learning institutions in the country with the aim to ensure the institutions provide standard education.

45 out of the 64 universities assessed had some irregularities and were tasked to clear the irregularities for better education.

He said several universities have since cleared the irregularities as other 19 failed to meet the obligations leading to de-registration of others.

THE Principal Judge, Dr Eliezer Feleshi, has advised ...


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