1,600 standards okayed, says TBS

THE Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has endorsed 1,600 new standards in just four years’ time, a performance that has been positively commended by parliamentarians.

Presenting a paper during a parliamentarians capacity building seminar here yesterday, TBS Director General, Dr Yussuf Athuman Ngenya (pictured) said the new standards is equal to 118 per cent of the target.

“In our plan, we had listed 1,350 new standards to be endorsed but with the increasing market demand needs within four years we have managed to put in place 1,600,” said Dr Ngenya.

Within the same period, he said, they had tested 74,000 samples out of the targeted 71,000, adding that TBS had, from 2016/17 to December 2019, paid to the government dividend worth 36.4bn/-.

To ensure that the consumers get the best, they are now strengthening their zonal offices so as to address the issues of substandard goods that penetrate through unofficial routes.

During the debating session, most of the parliamentarians commended the bureau for a change of outlook as they had created a positive image as well as changed the mode of operation and running of TBS, which was now customer friendly.

Ms Gimbi Masaba (Special Seats- Chadema) said there were positive changes and their performance in terms of dealing with substandard goods had been improved.

“TBS has come out a new outfit, the one of 2016 is a different version today, they need a pat on their back, they deserve our congratulations for a job well done,” she remarked, adding: “I can testify to their improved performance. I went to TBS, didn’t introduce as a Member of Parliament, but got first class treatment as a customer; and when they give you time, it is real, you find the results ready.”

On his part, Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Industries, Trade and Environment Mr Saddiq Murad (CCM) said that despite the online services that TBS had initiated being a success, they should consider introducing a special desk for serving those who want a face to face service.

“I am aware of the success you recorded on online services since you have been servicing a big number of people at the same time but you must also plug corruption loopholes if the two sides are to meet,” said Mr Murad.

However, he said, “Not everyone will be satisfied with the online remarks, that his/her application has been granted or denied, others will need more clarification; you must create a room for such clients.”

Mr Omary Badweli (BahiCCM) advised TBS to have an office in district and municipal councils to take services closer to the people.

WORSHIPERS in all mosques here have been directed ...

Author: NELLY MTEMA in Dodoma

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