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Dar braces for more downpour

The intense downpour which started in the wee hours of yesterday morning disrupted transport since some sections of major roads in Dar es Salaam were submerged in water, leading to their closure for sometime on the day.

TMA’s Manager for Weather Forecasting Services, Mr Samuel Mbuya, told the ‘Daily News’, the rains were caused by moist winds that blew from the Congo Basin towards the East African coast.

The meteorologist mentioned some of the regions which are likely to receive the rains as coastal regions of Dar es Salaam, Coast, Lindi and Mtwara as well as Southern Highland regions.

“The authority thus issues an advisory that there could be flooding which could disrupt transport and other economic activities. Some residential areas in low lying areas could as well be submerged in water due to the flooding,” the authority further said on its website.

The advisory on the website as well warned of strong winds and huge waves which are likely to disrupt marine transport and fishing activities in the Indian Ocean.

“TMA advises members of the public to make close follow up on updates issued by the authority so that they can take required precautions,” Mr Mbuya advised. Following the heavy rains, the Bus Rapid Transit’s buses and other vehicles along Morogoro Road were suspended for some hours due to the submerging of the section of the road at Jangwani area.

This area has become stubborn due to overflowing of Msimbazi River. It was, however, a blessing in disguise for some youths who exploited the mishap to ferry people across flooded area on their back at a fee of 1,000/- per person. Motorists along Kawawa Road faced a rough time as well since the section of the road at Mkwajuni area was impassable, thus creating heavy traffic congestion for vehicles from Magomeni to Kinondoni and vice versa.

The situation was the same in the central business district along Bibi Titi Street at Akiba area as motorists failed to make their way through due to flooding. Given the situation, many businesses came to a standstill since many people could not make to their workplaces on time.

Due to poor drainage system and lack of proper infrastructure for storm-water, many waterways and roads were flooded with water, particularly in unplanned settlements.

The rainstorm left many people with no means to their workplaces since many roads were impassable and public transport was paralysed.

Residents of Tabata Kimanga faced a challenge of crossing the bridge at Chama area since it was flooded and hence making it impassable for motor vehicles, rickshaws and motorcycles for hire, commonly known as ‘bodaboda’.

The situation was the same at Tabata Relini and Tabata Kisiwani areas as residents were forced to trek on foot since the roads were not passable.

A resident of Tabata Relini, one Hamza Himid, had to move his family from their home for fear of a likely disaster due to the intense rains.

According to Mr Himid, it has been a norm whenever it rains for him and his family of one wife and two children to move from their family home and seek sanctuary elsewhere. He said the situation did not face his family alone but other 11 families which resided in the area. 

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