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Rains render 120 families homeless in Bahi District

MORE than 120 families in Bahi District, Dodoma region have been rendered homeless, after heavy rains accompanied by strong winds ascended on their homesteads.

The ongoing rains also blew off Schools and Health Centres’ buildings in Bahi Sokoni, Misheni, Mji-Mpya, Nkongwa, Mbuyuni, Uhelela, Laloi, Mugu and Nagulo areas.

Touring the areas to assess the extent of the damages, the area District Commissioner Mwanahamis Mukunda, accompanied by Bahi Ward Councillor, Augustino Ndonu and some officials said: “These people must take all necessary precautions from the ongoing rains and pieces of advice from Weather Forecast predictions.”

She noted that the situation was being worsened by some bridges and streams being submerged and washed away, adding that they require at least 400m/- to repair broken infrastructures.

However, Ms Mukunda assured the victims and the public that the government is committed to restoring services in the areas.

In a related development, the DC appealed to parents to take care of their children as they go and come from such schools in the rainy seasons.

A spot survey by the ‘Daily News’ saw ongoing constructions of Nkingwa Bridge in the district to repair the ones, which have been affected.

Earlier, the Ward Councillor had told the DC that the rains, which started on Sunday night, had flooded nearly all rivers in the district.

“A lot of residential houses were pulled down, and this is because the residents have been blocking free water flow of the rivers,” he said.

Commenting on the situation, Bahi Sokoni Village Chairperson, Sifael Mbeti, said that in his area alone, at least 86 houses were destroyed.

In the neighbouring village, a Village Executive Officer (VEO) Fredrick Kachiwile told the DC that about 35 houses were washed away by the floods.

On his part, Nagulo village Chairperson, Mr Ashery Silla said that some 18 houses in his area were washed away

DODOMA Regional Commissioner (RC) Dr ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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