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3,000 families benefit from dairy goats project

AT least 3,000 families in Kagera region have been lifted from abject poverty by getting dairy goats and training on modern means of preparing milk for selling to meet financial needs.

The executive director of the Community Solutions for Africa’s Development (COSAD – Tanzania) Mr Smart Baitani, said in an interview with the ‘Daily News’ that the initiative which started in the year 2008 initially aiming at Empowering Women and Girls: Through OWOG-One Woman, One Goat.

“COSAD and global partners have provided over 3,000 goats. It means each family gets one goat, and all these families have been economically supported through the project,” he said.

Mr Baitani mentioned some of the villages that benefited from the project as Kangabusharo, Kagondo and Izigo villages in Bukoba Rural and Muleba districts.

He said that COSAD’s OWOG project also supports cooperative goat farms in Kagera region and provides solutions to water shortages by building water retention systems which are essential for milk production and goat growth as well as family consumption.

The project also supports agriculture production through provision of manure. He added that the organisation was able to mobilize over 2,500 international volunteers and institutions mainly from Canada, USA, Europe, South Africa, Uganda and Rwanda to work with local communities in Kagera region in the projects ranging from Health Women & Girls Empowerment, Educational to Community Social Enterprise initiatives.

Other projects were to facilitate Micro-grants and Loans to groups who engage in basket weaving, drum making and making school children’s uniforms.

Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Prof Joyce ...


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