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Lean to enjoy your wealth

THROUGH my weekly column on ‘Money Matters’ I always advocate for ‘wealth creation’ and seldom do I talk about spending the money one has accumulated through consistent savings.

We all know that it is important to maintain a balance in life. Only accumulation of wealth and no spending will make the life dull and boring. Hope you may heard the famous quote stating – “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Thus an element of enjoyment is very essential in our life; else it will be altogether meaningless to live. The desire to accumulate extreme wealth is irrational. Beyond a certain point, added wealth cannot increase the opulence of one’s style of living or increase one’s happiness. Yet the dream of having millions is common to most of us.

Therefore, limit your desires to accumulate the money up to a fixed denomination only, which in any case can easily be determined based on one’s necessities of life. Don’t compromise everything just to make money.

Besides money, there are many invaluable things in life, which commands far superior value than the money itself, such as health, character, integrity, family values and numerous things of similar nature. Many people believe that money is evil, or at least, not inherently good. But money is neither good nor evil.

Money is simply a tool to be used in physical reality. Although money can be used for evil purposes, it obviously can also be used for good as well. Money itself is neutral. You have the power to choose as to how to use your money in good ways.

By sharing your wealth, by contributing to causes in which you believe, you are acknowledging the power of money to promote positive changes on our planet. Whether you want to retire in another country, travel around the world, spend more time with your family, start a new hobby, or pursue another passion, there are numerous ways to enjoy your wealth.

For someone, it might be the joy of travel, helping others through philanthropy, sharing your success with family and friends or a passion to collect something worthwhile. For some other person, it might be the simple freedom to do what you want, when you want, where you want and how you want.

Anyhow, whatever the mode be, it is important to enjoy a ‘part of your wealth’ in order to make life meaningful. Why do I say ‘enjoy part of your wealth’, because if you end up spending your entire life saving in a single shot then it no more can be termed as ‘enjoy your wealth’ but it would be a suicidal way of ‘finishing your wealth’.

Therefore, we must have our limits to enjoy because beyond a certain limit it could be harmful not only to the self but to the family or even to the society as a whole. Moreover enjoyment is a relative term, as for someone it could be just reading a good book, while for some other person it is to watch a good movie with friends.

Nowadays in the so called modern society there are many unethical practices which some misguided youth call it ‘ENJOYMENT’. I don’t want to give a moral lecture on these practices, but what I want to caution my avid readers is to enjoy your wealth by spending it for the right cause.

Help a needy person. Don’t you know, ‘giving feels great’ - once you get over the psychological hurdle that has stopped you from sharing your wealth, you will release the negative energy that keeps you clinging to money.

In this way you can dissipate the power money has over you, for you will understand that you are free to choose how to use your money, rather than being controlled by the fear of losing it. Moreover the eternal truth about money remains- “what goes around comes around”.

Giving money away opens the flow of abundance through your life. As you give money away, money begins to come back to you. Soon you will feel an infinite flow of wealth through your life and you will gladly share your wealth with true happiness.

So when I say ‘enjoy your wealth’, it does not mean that you have to spend money on yourself only, but there are many noble ways through which one can achieve the motto of ‘enjoy your money’. For sure I am not here to influence your spending habits or the way you wish to enjoy your wealth.

But let me share with you some powerful words which can have some positive impact on your life. The text goes as follows: God wants you to enjoy your wealth, but how? The answer is- ‘In God’s way’.

Divide your money into three installments: -

(1) Invest 10% in your eternity - invest in your home, in your spiritual life, in Heaven.

(2) Invest 20% in your maturity. It is not about your house, your car or your gadgets. Be sure to plan for your retirement. You don’t want to get old and depend on your sons and daughters. You want to grow old, and be generous as well.

(3) Invest 70% in your family. Do not invest in things. The best investment in the world is “love”. In the end, you may wish to make use of these guidelines while planning as to how you want to enjoy your wealth. Cheers!!!

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Author: Jagjit Singh

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