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Tasaf improves lives of over 30,000 poor families - Shein

AT least 31,993 families categorised as poor households received money from the Tanzania Social Action Fund (Tasaf) to enable them to engage in various economic activities, including entrepreneurship, farming and livestock.

President Ali Mohamed Shein revealed this at the climax of the 56th anniversary of Zanzibar Revolution, saying Tasaf had enabled many people to move a step forward in improving their livelihoods.

“We have made great strides in ensuring that no one is left behind in living better life. The government introduced the Universal Pension Scheme (UPS) with a similar objective.All elderly aged 70 years or above pocket 20,000/- monthly and through Tasaf poor families are economically empowered,” said Dr Shein in his speech.

At Amaani Stadium, where hundreds of people had gathered to celebrate Revolution, he said through Tasaf, 40bn/- was spent on the implementation of 656 community development projects.

He noted that the projects “aimed at improving beneficiaries’ standard of living and communities, particularly by improving their health and education needs.”

Members of most households can now easily access health facilities and children are able to attend school.

Tasaf, which was introduced in 2000 with support from development partners led by the World Bank, has touched the lives of millions of people in Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar through supporting community sub-projects across all sectors of the economy, including the environment.

Meanwhile, Dr Shein’s speech (cut short due to the scotching sun which led some people to collapse at the stadium) contained a message of how his government had been addressing the impact of climate change on land in coastal areas.

Environmentalists have warned that many areas of Zanzibar, particularly buildings and farms close to beaches, are likely to be affected by rising sea level linked to global warming.

The Isles President said different adaptation and mitigation measures had been taken to protect Zanzibar.

“This includes planting of 337 mangrove trees and the construction of water barriers such as a wall to prevent floods and seawater from entering residential areas and farms.”

THE fifth phase government has, in its first ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Zanzibar

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