Bashiru urges residents to utilise investment opportunities

Bashiru urges residents to utilise investment opportunities

CHAMA Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Secretary-General, Dr Bashiru Ally, has appealed to Tanzanians to utilise investment opportunities by increasing production to enable the nation get raw materials needed for industrialisation.

Dr Ally made the appeal on Thursday while addressing CCM members in Bukoba Municipal Council.

He reiterated the government’s commitment to rehabilitating and expanding several airports, including Bukoba Airport and building a new ship in Mwanza.

“The fifth phase government under President John Magufuli has been improving infrastructures like roads and bridges especially along border regions, including Kagera Region. This will attract investment opportunities, including foreign markets. The roads will also ease the transport of people and goods.”

He said projects would enhance economic and social development.

“This will invite investors to contribute to industrialisation through modern agriculture, a key priority for the fifth phase government. Industries that produce goods for mass consumption such as clothes, textiles and edibles are highly encouraged. Industries have the potential for job creation and attraction of capital, skills and knowledge… industrialisation is the way to prosperity… national development cannot be imported, it must come from within.”

He noted that President Magufuli’s administration had embraced industrialisation to address youth unemployment because industrialisation would create many job opportunities across the country.

He noted that upgrading of Burigi Chato, Rumanyika Karagwe and Ibanda Kyerwa as national parks was a golden opportunity for Tanzanians to benefit through the construction of five star hotels.

For the agriculture-based economy, the private sector should support President Magufuli’s vision to make Tanzania a middle-income economy by 2025.

He noted that without an efficient industrial base, the country’s economy could hardly develop and create job opportunities.

He further noted that President Magufuli was determined to ensure by 2021 all villages in the country were electrified.

Deputy Energy Minister Subira Mgalu said Tanzania was among the East African countries with high electricity connectivity as to date about 8,115 out of 12,000 villages were already electrified, equivalent to 67 .6 per cent.

She directed Rural Electricity Agency (REA) and Tanesco to ensure by June this year 10,336 villages (about 86.1 per cent) were electrified, while the remaining 1,200 villages (10 per cent) would be electrified by June next year.

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Author: MEDDY MULISA in Bukoba

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