Diasporas sing JPM, Shein praises

MEMBERS of the Tanzania Diaspora, who attended their 6th conference held here, extolled President John Magufuli and his Zanzibar counterpart Dr Ali Mohamed Shein for admirable work in building a united and prosperous nation.

Tanzania Diasporas Community (TDC) Global Chairperson, Mr Norman Jasson said at the gathering that both Dr Magufuli and Dr Shein have been doing the best for Tanzanians including improving environment for Diasporas regardless of religious, ethnicity, and geographical differences.

He also commended the Tanzania Ambassador to Sweden, Nordic countries, Baltic States and Ukraine Dr Wilbroad Slaa, for linking well the Diasporas and the state.

Jasson said that efforts by the government to introduce policy, law, and strategy to recognize and work with diaspora is timely important.

He said many members of the diaspora, particularly those who have acquired citizenship abroad, and those who are married have been facing challenges which include being regarded a foreigner both at home and in the foreign country.

The Minister of State (Union and Environment) Mr George Simbachawene, who represented the foreign Minister Prof Palamagamba Kabudi at the conference, said the union government is already working on diaspora policy because the community is important in national development plans.

In his speech to grace the conference, President Shein promised that before he retires from office next year, will ensure there is a strategy, policy, and law which safeguards the interest of Diasporas.

“We want to see that Diasporas have no obstacle in living and to invest in their country of origin (Tanzania),” Dr Shein said as he directed the executives in his office to speed up legislation regarding Diasporas so that it is tabled in parliament by May 2020.

Zanzibar already has diaspora policy in place since May last year, and the government has been taking different measures to involve diaspora in national development.

“When I last met with lawmakers, they said that approving law, is easier with a policy in place. Let us use the opportunity,” urged Dr Shein.

Dr Shein commended the Diasporas for increasingly showing the interest of working closely with the governments as he gave an example of the successful initiative by Diaspora to establish a PhD Kiswahili programme in State University of Zanzibar.

He advised members of Diaspora to use Tanzania ambassadors abroad to get proper information about available investment opportunities in the country.

Shein said the Diasporas have a great role to play in supporting ongoing programmes in improving education and Health, and also helping maintain peace and stability as the country heads to general elections.

AS students in higher learning institutions resume classes ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporters in Zanzibar

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